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This page will only be the portal to my other sites.

1/ My Sites : These are my Role Playing Settings Sites

* World of Ariane: My original GURPS Fantasy Site. Includes a load of information on the North Western section of the Balimerian Continent. Other Areas will follow as I start running games in them.

* Adventures in Hortz: Hortz was my Dungeons and Dragons 3.5Ed Game World, it has been abandoned and only left here in case anyone was using information from it

* The Dark World: This setting is a GURPS Dark Sci Fantasy, it includes elements of Shadowrun, Dark Conspiracy and Alien Nation. This Setting like all others is a work in progress and will develop as I run more games in it.

* Chalbrae: The beginnings of a GURPS Dark Fantasy setting, not sure where I am going with this one.

* From the Ashes: Another beginning page, this one for a GURPS Sci Fi game. This will be sort of a cross between a Firefly and a Traveller New Era Game. Intersteller travel is via wormholes

* Balgewolves Bryce Gallery: This is my collection of pictures rendered in Bryce ( Early ones in Bryce 2, latest in Bryce 5 ) Many of these images were done to add flavour to various RPG Settings.

2/ CC2: The menus here lead to my CC2 Maps and CC2 Symbol Catalogues. Campaign Cartographer 2 / 3 is a wonderful Mapping program from Profantasy .

3/ Links: Various Links to Sites I like and find important.